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pp.1-2 Obituary: Jeffery Orchard (1931-2015)
pp. 3-24 Odette Boivin: Accounting for Livestock: Principles of Palatial Administration in Sealand I Babylonia
pp. 25-48 Benjamin Garstad: Nebuchadnezzar and Alexander in the Excerpta Latina Barbari
pp. 49-78 Stephanie M. Langin-Hooper: Seleucid-Parthian Figurines from Babylon in the Nippur Collection: Implications of Misattribution and Re-evaluating the Corpus
pp. 79-102 Michal Marciak and Robert S. Wójcikowski: Images of Kings of Adiabene: Numismatic and Sculptural Evidence
pp. 103-136 Olivier Nieuwenhuyse, Takahiro Odaka, Akemi Kaneda, Simone Mühl, Kamal Rasheed and Mark Altaweel: Revisiting Tell Begum. A Prehistoric Site in the Shahrizor Plain, Iraqi Kurdistan

pp. 137-158 Saba Sami Al-Ali and Nawar Sami Al-Ali: Images of Round Baghdad: An Analysis of Reconstrictions by Architectural Historians

pp. 159-174 Adam W. Schneider and Selim F. Adali: Further Evidence for a "Late Assyrian Dry Phase" in the Near East during the Mid-to-Late Seventh Century B.C.?

pp. 175-214 Anna Smogorzewska: The Final Stage of Ninevite 5 Pottery: Morphological Types, Technology, and Diachronic Analysis from Tell Arbid (North-East Syria)
pp. 215-240 Ariane Thomas: The Faded Splendour of Lagashite Princesses: A Restored Statuette from Tello and the Depiction of Court Women in the Neo-Sumerian Kingdom of Lagash

pp. 241-252 Michael P. Streck and Nathan Wasserman: On Wolves and Kings: Two Tablets with Akkadian Wisdom Texts from the Second Millennium B.C.

pp. 253-84 David Wengrow, Robert Carter, Gareth Brereton, Mary Shepperson, Sami Jamil Hamarashi, Saber Ahmed Saber, Andrew Bevan, Dorian Fuller, Helen Himmelman, Hanna Sosnowska and Lara Gonzalez Carretero: Gurga Chiya and Tepe Marani: New Excavations in the Shahrizor Plain, Iraqi Kurdistan
pp. 285-286 Mark Altaweel: Some Recent and Current Archaeology in Iraq 

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pp.1-3 Gil J. Stein: Tony Wilkinson (1948–2014)
pp.5-6 Julian Reade: Nicholas Hallam Stuart Kindersley (1939–2015)
pp.7-8 David Hawkins: Open letter to Dominique Collon
pp. 9-39 Daniele Morandi Bonacossi and Marco Iamoni: Landscape and Settlement in the Eastern Upper Iraqi Tigris and Navkur Plains: The Land of Niveveh Archaeological Project, Seasons 2012-2013
pp.41-58 Tim Clayden: Two New Prints of Layard’s Excavations at Nimrud: An Artist at Nimrud and Nineveh
pp.59-74 John Curtis and Nigel Tallis: More Thoughts on the Balawat Gates of Shalmaneser III: The Arrangement of the Bands

pp.75- 106 A.R. George: On Babylonian Lavatories and Sewers

pp.107 -128 Ruth Horry: Assyriology at the Margins; the Case of William St. Chad Boscawen (1855–1913)

pp.129-142 Josué J. Justel: An Unpublished Nuzi-Type Antichretic Loan Contract in The British Museum; with Some Comments on Children in the Kingdom of Arrapḫe, by Daniel Justel
pp.143-157 Barbara A. Porter: Tracing the Acquisition History of Some Old Syrian Popular Style Cylinder Seals

pp.159-172 Nicholas Postgate: The Bread of Aššur

pp.173-202 Julian Edgeworth Reade: Xenophon’s Route through Babylonia and Assyria
pp.203-213 Krisztian Simkó: The Magical Potential of Stones Used for Cylinder Seals: NewManuscripts of the Text Known from BAM 194 VIII’ 9’–14’

pp.215-224 Chikako E. Watanabe: The Symbolic Role of Animals in Babylon: A Contextual Approach to the Lion, the Bull and the Mušḫuššu

pp. 225-234 Federico Zaina: A Radiocarbon Date from Early Dynastic Kish and the Stratigraphy and Chronology of the YWN Sounding at Tell Ingharra
pp.235-236 Mark Altaweel: Some Recent and Current Archaeology in Iraq 

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pp.1-17 Giacomo Benati: The Beginning of the Early Dynastic Period at Ur  
pp. 19-64 Tim Clayden: Kassite Housing at UR: The Dates of the EM, YC, XNCF, AH AND KPS Houses
pp. 65-98 F. M. Fales and R. Del Fabbro: Back to Sennacherib’s Aqueduct at Jerwan: A Reassessment of the Textual Evidence 
pp. 99-121 E. Jiménez: New Fragments of Gilgameš and other Literary Texts from Kuyunjik
pp. 123- 140 Vito Messina: Further Bullae from Seleucia on the Tigris
pp. 141-148 Davide Nadali: How Many Soldiers on the “Stele of the Vultures”? A Hypothetical Reconstruction
pp. 149- 187 Haider Oraibi Almamori: The Early Dynastic Monumental Buildings at Umm Al-Aqarib  
pp. 189- 203 E. Robson and G. Zólyomi:  Mesag Reports a Murder: Cuneiform Tablets in the Collections of Norwich Castle Museum and Cambridge University Library
pp. 205-229 Saber Ahmed Saber, Hussein Hamza and Mark Altaweel: Report on the Excavations at Tell Sitak: The 2010 Season
pp. 231- 244 Saber Ahmed Saber, Zuhair Rejeb and Mark Altaweel: Report on the Excavations at Merquly: The 2009 Season
pp. 245-261 M. Sandowicz: Nabonidus and the Forty Thieves of Uruk 

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Obituaries: Behnam Abu al-Soof, Burhan Shakir Sulaiman 
pp.1-42 Karel Nováček, Narmin Ali Muhammad Amin and Miroslav Melčák: A Medieval City Within Assyrian Walls: The Continuity of the Town of Arbīl in Northern Mesopotamia
pp.43-88 Peter A. Miglus, Ulrike Bürger, RafaŁ A. Fetner, Simone Mühl and Alexander Sollee: Excavation at Bakr Awa 2010 and 2011 
pp.89-118 Jason Ur, Lidewijde de Jong, Jessica Giraud, James F. Osborne and John MacGinnis: Ancient Cities and Landscapes in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: The Erbil Plain Archaeological Survey 2012 Season
pp.119-142 Brett Thorn and Dominique Collon: Dr Lee’s Collection of Cylinder Seals 
pp.143-170  Lisa Cooper: Archaeology and Acrimony: Gertrude Bell, Ernst Herzfeld and the Study of Pre-Modern Mesopotamia
pp.171-196 J. C. Fincke: “If a Star Changes into Ashes. . .” A Sequence of Unusual Celestial Omens
pp.197-210 R. Pirngruber: The Historical Sections of the Astronomical Diaries in Context: Developments in a Late Babylonian Scientific Text Corpus
pp.211-254 Kathryn Stevens: Secrets in the Library: Protected Knowledge and Professional Identity in Late Babylonian Uruk
pp.255-278 Nathan Wasserman: Treating Garments in the Old Babylonian Period: “At the Cleaners” in a Comparative View
p.279 Some recent and current fieldwork in Iraq
p.283 Abstracts in Arabic 

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Pdf (Arabic) PDF icon Abstracts

Obituaries: Prof. W.G. Lambert, Dr. Anthony Green

pp.1-35 Mark Altaweel, Anke Marsh, Simone Mühl, Olivier Nieuwenhuyse, Karen Radner,  Kamal Rasheed and Saber Ahmed Saber: New Investigations in the Environment, History, and Archaeology of the Iraqi Hilly Flanks: Shahrizor Survey Project 2009–2011 

Carrie Hritz, Jennifer Pournelle & Jennifer Smith: Revisiting the Sealands: Report of Preliminary Ground Reconnaissance in the Hammar District, Dhi Qar and Basra Governorates, Iraq

pp.51-64 Mary Shepperson: The Rays of Šamaš: Light in Mesopotamian Architecture and Legal Practice

pp.65-74 Elizabeth C. Stone
: Surface Survey and Satellite Reconnaissance: Reconstructing the Urban Layout of Mashkan-shapir

pp.75-87 Jack Cheng: The Horizontal Forearm Harp: Assyria’s National Instrument

pp.89-95 J. H. Crouwel: Metal Wheel Tyres from the Ancient Near East and Central Asia

pp.97-115 Mikko Lukko: On Standardisation and Variation in the Introductory Formulae of Neo-Assyrian Letters

Radoslaw Tarasewicz: New Data on the Sidru-Offering in Neo-Babylonian Sippar

pp. 127-136 Jon Taylor: Cuneiform Tablets from the Wiseman Collection

pp.137-152 Yoram Cohen: “Where is Bazi? Where is Zizi?” The List of Early Rulers in the Ballad from Emar and Ugarit, and the Mari Rulers in the Sumerian King List and Other Sources

pp.153-165 M.Sulaiman and S.Dalley: Seven Naptanum-Texts from the Reign of Rim-Sin I of Larsa
pp.167-168 Some Recent and Current Fieldwork in Iraq 

p.172 Abstracts in Arabic


A volume in honour of the seventieth birthday of Professor David Hawkins
p. iii Editorial   
p. v Obituary: Professor D.J. Wiseman
p. 1 Dominique Collon: David Hawkins’ caricatures
p. 3 Alfonso Archi: Hadda of øalab and his temple in the Ebla period
p. 19 J. N. Postgate: The debris of government: Reconstructing the Middle Assyrian state apparatus from tablets and potsherds
p. 39 Mark Weeden: Tuwati and Wasusarma: Imitating the behaviour of Assyria
p. 63 Daniel Schwemer: Entrusting the witches to øumufl-tabal: The u·burruda ritual BM 47806+     
p. 79 A. R. George and Junkko Taniguchi with a contribution by M. J. Geller: The Dogs of Ninkilim, part two: Babylonian rituals to counter field pests
p. 149 Dominique Collon: Getting it wrong in Assyria: Some bracelets from Nimrud
p. 163 J. E. Reade: New life for old stones
p. 175 John Curtis: A Victorian artist in Assyria
p. 183 K. Aslihan Yener: Bulgurmaden: Thoughts about iron, Bolkarda˘g and the Taurus mountains
p. 193 Geoffrey D. Summers: Revisiting the end of the Late Bronze Age and the transition to the Early Iron Age at Tille Höyük
p. 201 Diederik J. W. Meijer: Another connection between Sippar and Syria
p. 208 Abstracts in Arabic   


iii Editorial                                          
p. 1 M. Krebernik and J. N. Postgate: The tablets from Abu Salabikh and their provenance
p. 33 Daisuke Shibata: An Old Babylonian manuscript of the Weidner god-list from Tell Taban
p. 43 Sam Mirelman and Theo J. H. Krisijn: The Old Babylonian tuning text UET VI/3 899
p. 53 Tzvi Abusch and Daniel Schwemer: The Chicago Maqlû fragment (A 7876)
p. 89 Heather D. Baker: A waste of space? Unbuilt land in Babylonian cities of the first millennium BC
p. 99 Anne Eastham: The bird bones from Abu Salabikh
p. 115 Augusta McMahon: The lion, the king and the cage: Late Chalcolithic iconography and ideology in northern Mesopotamia
p. 125 Laura Battini: La terre cuite IB 1967 ou peut-on lire les images coroplastiques à travers les textes?
p. 139 Francesca Onnis:  The Nimrud bowls : New data from an analysis of the objects
p. 151 Ignacio Marquez Rowe: Ceramic stamp-seals amulets in the shape of the head of Panzuzu


iii Editorial
p. 1 Alison Millerman: Interpreting the Royal Cemetery of Ur metalwork: A contemporary perspective from the archives of James R. Ogden
p. 13 Julian Reade: Real and imagined “Hittite palaces” at Khorsabad and elsewhere   
p. 41 Nicholas Gillmann: Le Bâtiment isolé de Khorsabad: Une nouvelle tentative de reconstitution
p. 51 Zoltan Niederreiter: Le rôle des symboles figurés attribués aux membres de la Cour de Sargon II: Des emblèmes créés par les lettrés du palais au service de l’idéologie royale  
p. 87 Davide Nadali: Assyrian high-relief bricks from Nineveh and the fragments of a royal name
p. 105 J. Novotny and C. E. Watanabe: After the fall of Babylon: A new look at the presentation scene on Assurbanipal relief BM ME 124945–6  
p. 127 Joachim Oelsner: Die Rollsiegel der Sammlung Rich des British Museum
p. 131 Magnus Widell: The Sumerian expression igi-kar2 revisited 
p. 147 Bahijah Kh. Ismail and J. Nicholas Postgate: A Middle Assyrian flock-master’s archive from Tell Ali
p. 179 Jeffrey L. Cooley: “I want to dim the brilliance of ∞ulpae!” Mesopotamian celestial divination and the poem of Erra and I·um
p. 189 Daisuke Shibata: A Nimrud manuscript of the fourth tablet of the series m¬s pî: CTN IV 170(+)188 and a Kiutu incantation to the sun god
p. 205 F. Rachel Magdalene, Bruce Wells and Cornelia Wunsch: Pre-trial negotiations: The case of the runaway slave in Dar. 53
p. 215 John Curtis, Qais Hussein Raheed, Hugo Clarke, Abudulamir M. Al Hamdani, Elizabeth Stone, Margarete Van Ess, Paul Collins and Mehsin Ali: An assessment of archaeological sites in June 2008: An Iraqi-British project.



iii Editorial
v Obituary
p. 1 Bendt Alster and Takayoshi Oshima: Sargonic dinner at Kaneš: The Old Assyrian Sargon legend
p. 21 Joan Goodnick Westenholz: Notes on the Old Assyrian Sargon legend
p. 29 Daniel Schwemeer: Witchcraft and war: The ritiual fragment Ki 1904-10-9, 18 (BM 98989)
p. 43 Dominique Collon: The Queen under attack - A rejoinder
p. 53 John Curtis: The Broken Obelisk
p. 59 Tallay Ornan: Who is holding the lead rope? The relief of the Broken Obelisk
p. 73 Rafal Kolinski: Sir Max Mallowan's excavations at Tell Arbid in 1936
p. 117 Mark Altaweel: Excavations in Iraq: The Jazirah Salvage Project, second report
p. 145 Augusta McMahon and Joan Oates: Excavations at Tell Brak 2006-2007


iii Editorial
v Obituary
p. 1 Caroline Waerzeggers: The Carians of Borsippa
p. 23 F.N.H. Al-Rawi and A.R. George: Tablets from the Sippar Library XIII: Enuma Anu Ellil XX
p. 59 Martin Worthington: Dialect admixture of Babylonian and Assyrian in SAA VIII, X, XII, XVII and XVIII
p. 85 Frances Pinnock: Ebla and Ur: Exhanges and contacts between two great capitals of the ancient Near East
p. 99 Paul Collins: Trees and Gender in Assyrian art
p. 109 Davide Nadali: Esarhaddon's glazed bricks from Nimrud: The Egyptian campaign depicted
p. 121 Timonth J. Poisel: Plate LIII from Til-Barsip: The left-handed Assyrian king
p. 129 Maude de Schauensee: A note on bit types at Hasanlu
p. 139 Ted Kaizer: Capital punishment at Hatra: Gods, magistrates and laws in the Roman-Parthian period
p. 155 Mark Altaweel: Excavations in Iraq: The Ray Jazirah Project, first report
p. 183 David J. Tucker and Stefan R. Hauser: Beyond the World Heritage Site: A huge enclosure revealed at Hatra

IRAQ 67/2

iii Editorial

vi Obituaries

p. 1 Augusta McMahon, Carlo Colantoni and Miranda Semple: British excavations at Chagar Bazar, 2001-2

p. 17 Peter V. Bartl: Layard's drawings of the incised decorations on the Nimrud reliefs compared with the originals

p. 31 Phillipe Quenet: The diffusion of the cuneiform writing system in northern Mesopotamia: The earliest archaeological evidence

p. 41 Harriet Crawford: Mesopotamia and the Gulf: The history of a relationship

p. 47 James Kinnier Wilson: On the UD-ŠU-BALA at Ur towards the end of the third millennium BC

p. 61 Bendt Alster: Demons in the conclusion of Lugalbanda in Hurrumkurra

IRAQ 66, 2004 and IRAQ 67/1, 2005

Nineveh, Papers of the XLIXe Rencontre Assyrioloque Internationale; London, 7-11 July 2003
iii Editorial
v Obituaries
x Participants of RAI 49 outside the British Museum
xi Foreward
xv Programme of Papers
p. 1 Marc Van De Mieroop: A tale of two cities: Nineveh and Baylon
p. 7 Joan Goodnick Westenholz: The Old Akkadian presence in Nineveh: Fact or fiction
p. 19 Nele Ziegler: The conquest of the holy city of Nineveh and the kingdom of Nurrugûm by Samsî-Addu
p. 27 Aline Tenu: Ninive et Aššur à l'époque médio-assyrienne
p. 35 W.G. Lambert: Ishtar of Nineveh and her collaborator, Ishtar of Arbela,in the reign of Assurbanipal
p. 45 Eckart Frahm: Royal hermeneutics: Observations on the commentaries from Assurbanipal's libraries at Nineveh
p. 51 Herman L.J. Vanstiphout: The nth degree of writing at Nineveh
p. 55 Jeanette C. Fincke: The British Museum's Assurbanipal Library Project
p. 61 Ann M. Weaver: The "Sin of Sargon" and Esarhaddon's reconception of Sennacherib: A study in divine will, human politics and royal ideology
p. 67 Mehmet-Ali Ataç: The "Underwordl Vision" of the Ninevite intellectual milieu
p. 77 Cynthia Jean: Le petit monde des exorciste de Ninive
p. 83 Tally Ornan: Expelling demons at Nineveh: The visibility of benevolent demons in the palaces of Nineveh
p. 93 Dominik Bonatz: Assurbanipal's headhunt: An anthropological perspective
p. 103 Chikako Esther Watanabe: The "continuous style" in the narrative schemes of Assurbanipal's reliefs
p. 115 Zainab Bahrani: The king's head
p. 121 Rita Dolce: The "head of the enemy" in the sculptures from the palaces of Nineveh: An example of "cultural migration"?
p. 133 Virginie Danrey: Winged human-headed bulls of Nineveh: Genesis of an iconographic motif
p. 141 Marian Feldman: Nineveh to Thebes and back: Art and politics between Assyria and Egypt in the seventh century BCE
p. 151 Allison Karmel Thomason: From Sennacherib's bronzes to Taharqa's feet: Conceptions of the material world at Nineveh
p. 163 M.G. Micale and D.Nadali: The shape of Sennacherib's camps: Strategic funcions and ideological space
p. 177 Mirko Novák: From Ashur to Nineveh: The Assyrian town-planning programme
p. 187 Stephen Lumsden: The production of space at Nineveh
p. 199 Marta Rivaroli: Nineveh: From ideology to topography
p. 207 Karen Polinger Foster: The Hanging Gardens of Nineveh
p. 221 Eleanor Guralnick: Neo-Assyrian patterned fabrics
p. 233 Menko Vlaardingerbroek: The founding of Nineveh and Babylon in Greek historiography
p. 243 Steven W. Holloway: Nineveh sails for the New World: Assyria envisioned by nineteenth-century America
p. 257 Regina Heilmann: "Those Old Assyrian Legends": Zur Rezeption des Alten Orients im widerentdeckten Kurzfilm LA REGINA DI NINIVE (Italien 1911)

Iraq 67/1, 2005 
Nineveh, Papers of the XLIXe Rencontre Assyrioloque Internationale; London, 7-11 July 2003, Part two 
p. 265  Grant Frame and Andrew George: The royal libraries of Nineveh: New evidence for their formation
p. 285  St John Simpson: Christians at Nineveh
p. 295  Diana Pickworth: Excavations at Nineveh: The Halzi Gate
p. 317  Jason Ur: Sennacherib’s northern Assyrian canals: New insights from satellite imagery and aerial photography 
p. 347  Julian Reade: The Ishtar Temple at Nineveh
p. 391  Petr Charvát: The backs of some sealings from Nineveh
p. 399  Uwe Sievertsen: Frühe Pfeiler-Nischen-Architektur aus Tepe Gawra und Telul eth-Thalathat 
p. 411  Baruch A. Levine: Assyrian ideology and Israelite monotheism 



iii Editorial
p. 1 Geoff Emberling & Helen McDonald: Excavations at Tell Brak 2001-2002: Preliminary report
p. 77 Robert Carter & Harriet Crawford: The Kuwait-British Archaeological Expedition to as-Sabiyah: Report on the fourth season's work
p. 91 Theya Molleson & Dawn Hodgson: The human remains from Woolley's excavations at Ur
p. 131 Laura Battini & Yves Calvet: Construction royale, construction privée: La maison B 59 de Larsa
p. 143 Jürgen Bär: Sumerians, Gutians and Hurrians at Ashur? A re-examination of Ishta temples G and F
p. 161 Nicolò Marchetti: Notes on an Old Syrian seal impression from Sippar
p. 171 Jeanny Vorys Canby: A figurine from Urkesh: A "Darling" from Troy to Mesopotamia
p. 175 Geoffrey Turner: Sennacherib's Palace at Nineveh: The primary sources for Layard's second campaign
p. 221 Nils P. Heeßel & Farouk N.H. Al-Rawi: Tablets from the Sippar library XII. A medical therapeutic text


iii Editorial
p. 1 Robert Carter & Harriet Crawford: The Kuwait-British Archaeological Expedition to as-Sabiyah: Report on the third season;s work
p. 15 Jason A. Ur: Surface collection and offsite studies at Tell Hamoukar, 1999
p. 45 McGuire Gibson et al.: First season of Syrian-American investigations at Hamoukar, Hasekeh Province
p. 69 Andrew M.T. Moore: Pottery-kiln sites at al-'Ubaid and Eridu
p. 79 Elizabeth C. Stone: The Ur III--Old Babylonian transition: an archaeological perspective
p. 85 Cameron Petrie: Seleucid Uruk: An analysis of ceramic distribution
p. 125 Claudia Fischer: Twilight of the sun-god
p. 135 J.E. Reade: The ziggurat and temples of Nimrud
p. 217 John MacGinnis: The use of writing boards in the Neo-Babylonian temple administration at Sippar
p. 237 W. Horowitz & W. G. Lambert: A new exemplar of Ludlul bel nemeqi Tablet I from Birmingham
p. 247 Farouk N.H. Al-Rawi: Tablets from the Sippar library X. A dedication of Zabaya of Larsa
p. 249 Khalid Salim Isma'el & A.R. George: Tablets from the Sippar Library XI. The Babylonian almanac
p. 259 Erica C.D. Hunter: Manipulating incantation texts: Excursions in Refrain A


iii Editorial
v Obituary
p. 1 Robert Carter & Harriet Crawford: The Kuwait-British Archaeo-logical Expedition to as-Sabiyah: Report on the second season's work
p. 21 Augusta McMahon: The excavations at Chagar Bazar, 1999-2000
p. 55 Michael Roaf: Doubts about the two-lobed burial and the survival of Early Dynastic to Akkadian transitional building levels in Area WF at Nippur
p. 67 Frank Hole: A radiocarbon chronology for the middle Khabur, Syria
p. 99 Maude de Schauensee: A note on three glass plaques from Hasanlu
p. 107 Geoffrey Turner: Sennacherib's palace at Nineveh: The drawings of H. A. Churchill and the discoveries of H. J. Ross
p. 139 Gábor Zólyomi: Another recension of Išme-Dagan O: BM 114862 (CT 58 25)
p. 149 David Brown & Gábor Zólyomi: 'Daylight converts to night-time': An astrological-astronomical reference in Sumerian literary context
p. 155 Stephanie Dalley: Old Babylonian tablets from Nineveh; and possible pieces of early Gilgamesh Epic
p. 169 Leonard W. King & A. Kirk Grayson: The palace of Ashur-resha-ishi I at Nineveh
p. 171 W. Horowitz & F.N.H. Al-Rawi: Tablets from the Sippar library IX. A ziqpu-star planisphere
p. 183 J.A. Black: Amethyst
p. 187 J.E. Reade: More about Adiabene
p. 201 Augusta McMahon, Önhan Tunca & Abdul-Massih Bagdo: New Excavations at Chagar Bazar, 1999-2000


iii Editorial
p. 1 Antoine Cavigneaux & Farouk N.H. Al-Rawi: La fin de Gilgames, Enkidu et les Enfers d'après les manuscrits d'Ur et de Meturan (Textes de Tell Haddad VIII)
p.21 Farouk N.H. Al-Rawi: Cuneiform inscriptions in the collections of the John Rylands Library, University of Manchester
p. 65 Shigeo Yamada: Peter Hulin's hand copies of Shalmaneser III's inscriptions
p. 89 J.N. Postgate: The Assyrian army at Zamua
p.109 Margaret Huxley: The gates and guardians in Sennacherib's addition to the temple of Assur
p. 139 Erica C.D. Hunter: Two incantation bowls from Babylon
p. 149 Naomi F. Miller: Plant forms in jewellery from the Royal Cemetery at Ur
p.157 Margaret Sax, Nigel D. Meeks & Dominique Collon: The early development of the lapidary engraving wheel in Mesopotamia
p.177 Luca Peyronel: Some remarks on Mesopotamian metrology during the Old Babylonian period: The evidence from Graves LG/23 and LG/45 at Ur
p.187 T.C. Mitchell: Camels in the Assyrian bas-reliefs
p.195 Julian Reade: Alexander the Great and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
p.219 Ted Kaizer: The 'Heracles figure' at Hatra and Palmyra: Problems of interpretation
: The excavations at Chagar Bazar, 1999-2000
p.233 Paul Yule: The Samad period in the Sultanate of Oman, errata
p. 234 Recent excavations in Iraq, errata

IRAQ 61, 1999

iii Obituary
v Editorial
p. 1 Geoff Emberling, Jack Cheng, Torben E. Larsen, Holly Pittman, Tim. B.B. Skuldboel, Jill Weber & Henry T. Wright: Excavations at Tell Brak 1998: Preliminary report
p. 43 Robert Carter, Harriet Crawford and Simeon Mellalieu: The Kuwait-British Archaeological Expedition to as-Sabiyah: Report on the first season's work
p. 59 John Curtis: Glass inlays and Nimrud ivories
p. 71 Christopher Edens: Kor Ile-Sud: Qatar: the archaeology of Late Bronze Age purple-dye production in the Arabian Gulf
p. 89 Jocelyn Orchard & Gordon Stanger: Al-Hajar oasis towns again!
p. 121 Paul Yule: The Samad period in the Sultanate of Oman
p.147 Alfonso Archi: The steward and his jar
p. 159 Steve Tinney: On the curricular setting of Sumerian literature
p. 173 Ivan Starr & F.N.H. Al-Rawi: Tablets from the Sippar Library VIII. Omens from the gall bladder
p. 187 Ali Yaseen Ahmad & A. Kirk Grayson: Sennacherib in the Akitu House
p. 191 Nawala al-Mutawalli: A new foundation cylinder from the temple of Nabû ša harê
p. 195 Recent excavations in Iraq

IRAQ 60, 1998

iii: A letter to the President, Prof. D.J. Wiseman
v: Editorial
p. 1: Agnes Spycket: "Le carnaval des animaux": on some musician monkeys from the ancient Near East
p. 11: McGuire Gibson, James A. Armstrong & Augusta McMahon: The city walls of Nippur and an Islamic site beyond: Oriental Institute excavations, 17th season, 1987
p. 45: Martin Sauvage: La construction des ziggurats sous la troisième dynastie d'Ur
p. 63: J.E. Reade: Greco-Parthian Nineveh
p. 85: Lorenzo Nigro: Two steles of Sargon: iconology and visual propaganda at the beginning of royal Akkadian relief
p. 103: Wathiq I. al-Salihi: The camel-rider's stele and related sculpture from Hatra
p. 109: Beatrice Teissier: Sealing and seals: seal-impressions from the reign of Hammurabi on tablets from Sippar in the British Museum
p. 187: A.R. George & F.N.H. al-Rawi: Tablets from the Sippar Library VII. Three wisdom texts
p. 207: John MacGinnis: Ordering the House of Shamash: texts from the management of the Neo-Babylonian Ebabbara
p. 219: Jorge Silva Castillo: Nagbu: totality or abyss in the first verse of the Gilgamesh poem
p. 223: O.R. Gurney & M.L. West: Mesopotamian tonal systems: a reply

IRAQ 59, 1997

iii: Obituaries: Diana Kirkbride-Helbaek; Anna Plowden
vii: Editorial
p. 1: Donald Matthews: The Early Dynastic-Akkadian transition, Part 1. When did the Akkadian period begin?
p. 9: McGuire Gibson & Augusta McMahon: The Early Dynastic-Akkadian transition, Part 2; The authors' response
p. 15: Robert B. Mason: Early mediaeval Iraqi lustre-painted and associated wares : typology in a multidisciplinary study
p. 63: D.T. Potts: Re-writing the late prehistory of south-eastern Arabia : a reply to Jocelyn Orchard
p. 73: Khalid Al-'Adami: King Apil-Sin confirms the judgement of Sumulael
p. 77: Bradley J. Parker: Garrisoning the empire : aspects of the construction and maintenance of forts on the Assyrian frontier
p. 89: A. Kirk Grayson & J. Ruby: Instructions for inscribing Sennacherib's seal
p. 93: Paul-Alain Beaulieu: A new inscription of Nebuchadnezzar II commemorating the restoration of Emah in Babylon
p. 97: Michael Jursa: Neu- und spatbabylonische Texte aus den Sammlungen der Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery
p. 175: M.L. West: Akkadian poetry : metre and performance
p. 189: Richard L. Crocker: Mesopotamian tonal systems
p. 203: Sophia Brookes: A new approach to the design of kiln furniture for the firing of cuneiform tablets

IRAQ 58, 1996

iii Editorial
v Obituary
p.1 Mark Blackham: Further investigations as to the relationship of Samarran and Ubaid ceramic assemblages
p.17 T.J. Wilkinson, B.H. Monahan & D.J. Tucker: Khanijdal East: a small Ubaid site in northern Iraq
p.51 J. Eidem & D. Warburton: In the Land of Nagar: a survey around Tell Brak
p.65 R.J. Matthews: Excavations at Tell Brak, 1996
p.79 Arlette Roobaert: A Neo-Assyrian statue from Til Barsib
p.89 Eleanor Guralnick: Sargonid sculpture and the Late Assyrian cubit
p.105 Wathiq I. Al-Salihi: Two cult-statues from Hatra
p.109 T. Clayden: Kurigalzu I and the restoration of Babylonia
p.123 Michal Gawlikowski: Thapsacus and Zeugma: the crossing of the Euphrates in antiquity
p.135 F. de Callataÿ: Abdissarès l'Adiabènien
p.147 A.R. George & F.N.H. Al-Rawi: Tablets from the Sippar Library VI. Atra-hasis
p.191 Irving L. Finkel: Tablets for Lord Amherst

IRAQ 57, 1995

iii: Editorial
p. 1: McGuire Gibson & August McMahon: Investigation of the Early Dynastic-Akkadian transition: Report of the 18th and 19th seasons of excavation in Area WF, Nippur
p. 41: S. La Niece: Depletion gilding from Third Millennium B.C. Ur
p. 49: Julia M. Asher-Greve: A seal-cutter's trial-piece in Berlin and a new look at the Diqdiqqeh lapidary workshops
p. 61: T. Clayden: The date of the foundation deposit in the temple of Ningal at Ur
p. 71: John Malcolm Russell: Layard's description of rooms in the Southwest Palace at Nineveh
p. 87: R. J. Matthews: Excavations at Tell Brak, 1995
p. 113: Elisabeth Crowfoot with contributions by M. C. Whiting & Kathryn Tubb: Textiles from recent excavations at Nimrud
p.119: G. Philip with contributions by A. Abbu, N. Hannoun, S. Rumeidh & B. Suleiman: New light on North Mesopotamia in the earlier second millennium B.C.: metalwork from the Hamrin
p. 145: Jocelyn Orchard: The origins of agricultural settlement in the al-Hajar region
p. 159: Richard S. Ellis: The trouble with "Hairies"
p. 167: I. L. Finkel & J. E. Reade: Lots of eponyms
p. 173: A. R. George: The bricks of E-sagil
p. 199: F. N. H. Al-Rawi with an appendix by A. R. George: Tablets from the Sippar library IV. Lugale
p. 225: F. N. H. Al-Rawi & A. R. George: Tablets from the Sippar library V. An incantation from Mis pî

IRAQ 56, 1994

iii: Editorial
p. 1: J.E. Curtis: Mesopotamian bronzes from Greek sites: the workshops of origin
p. 27: M. Gawlikowski: Palmyra as a trading centre
p. 35: F.N.H. al-Rawi: Texts from Tell Haddad and elsewhere
p. 45: S. Dalley: Nineveh, Babylon and the Hanging Gardens: cuneiform and classical sources reconciled
p. 59: M. Yamada: The Dynastic seal and Ninurta's seal: preliminary remarks by the local authorities of Emar
p. 63: J. Orchard & G. Stanger: Third Millennium oasis towns and environmental constraints on settlement in the al-Hajar region
p. 101: O.R. Gurney: Babylonian music again
p. 107: D.J. Tucker: Representations of Imgur-Enlil on the Balawat Gates
p. 117: J.D.A. MacGinnis: Texts from the British Museum
p. 123: P. Albenda: Assyrian sacred trees in the Brooklyn Museum
p. 135: F.N.H. al-Rawi & A.R. George: Tablets from the Sippar library III. Two royal counterfeits
p. 149: St.J. Simpson: Note on Qasr Serij
p. 153: M. Sax & N.D. Meeks: The introduction of wheel cutting as a technique for engraving cylinder seals: its distinction from filing
p. 167: D. & J. Oates: Tell Brak: a stratigraphic summary (1976-1993)
p. 177: R.J. Matthews, W. Matthews & H. McDonald: Excavations at Tell Brak, 1994

IRAQ 55, 1993

iii: Editorial
v: Obituary: Lady Mallowan O.B.E.
p. 1: J. Curtis, D. Collon & A. Green: British Museum excavations at Nimrud and Balawat in 1989
p. 39: J.E. Reade: Hormuzd Rassam and his discoveries
p. 63: A.R. George: Ninurta-Paqidat's dog bite, and notes on other comic tales
p. 77: M. Sax, D. Collon & M.N. Leese: The availability of raw materials for Near Eastern cylinder seals during the Akkadian, post Akkadian and Ur III periods
p. 91: A. Cavigneaux & F. al-Rawi: New Sumerian literary texts from Tell Haddad (ancient Meturan): a first survey
p. 107: S.M. Evers: George Smith and the Egibi tablets
p. 119: P. Gerardi: Prism fragments from Sippar: new Esarhaddon inscriptions
p. 135: Ph. Gouin: Bovins et laitages en Mésopotamie méridionale au 3ème millénaire
p. 147: F.N.H. al-Rawi & J.A. Black: A rediscovered Akkadian city
p. 149: J. MacGinnis: Two Achaemenid tablets from the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
p. 155: D. & J. Oates: Excavations at Tell Brak 1992-93
p. 201: D. Matthews & J. Eidem: Tell Brak and Nagar
p. 209: J. Clutton-Brock & S. Davies: More donkeys from Tell Brak

IRAQ 54, 1992

iii: Editorial
p. 1: R.J. Matthews: Defining the style of the period: Jemdet Nasr l926-28
p. 35: D.W.W. Stevenson: A proposal for the irrigation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
p. 57: Leonard Gorelick & A. John Gwinnett: Minoan versus Mesopotamian Seals: Comparative methods of manufacture
p. 65: Jacobus Van Dijk: The authenticity of the Arslan Tash Amulets
p. 69: Catherine Breniquet: A propos du vase halafien de la Tombe G2 de Tell Arpachiyah
p. 79: K.R. Maxwell-Hyslop: The Goddess Nanse: an attempt to identify her representation
p. 83: Stephanie Dalley & Beatrice Teissier: Tablets from the vicinity of Emar and elsewhere
p. 113: John Curtis: The Dying Lion
p. 119: Matthew W. Stolper: Late Achaemenid Texts from Dilbat
p. 141: T. Clayden: Kish in the Kassite Period (c. 1650-1150 BC)
p. 157: David Tucker with an appendix by David S. Reese: A Middle Assyrian Hoard from Khirbet Karhasan, Iraqa

IRAQ 53, 1991

iii: Editorial
p. 1: R.J. Matthews: Fragments of Officialdom from Fara
p. 17: Donald Matthews: Middle Assyrian Glyptic from Tell Billa
p. 43: Pauline Albenda: Decorated Assyrian Knob-Plates in the British Museum
p. 55: I.C. Freestone: Technical Examination of Neo-Assyrian Glazed Wall Plaques
p. 59: Susan Pollock, Caroline Steele & Melody Pope: Investigations on the Uruk Mound, Abu Salabikh, 1990
p. 69: Itamar Singer: The "Land of Amurru" and the "Lands of Amurru" in the Sausgamuwa Treaty
p. 75: Catherine Breniquet: Tell es-Sawwan - Réalités et problèmes
p. 91: M. Sax: Innovative Techniques used to Decorate the Perforations of some Akkadian Rock Crystal Cylinder Seals
p. 97: M.A. Littauer & J.H. Crouwel: Assyrian Trigas and Russian Dvoikas
p. 101: Robert K. Englund: Archaic Dairy Metrology
p. 105: Tamás Dezsö & John Curtis: Assyrian Iron Helmets from Nimrud now in the British Museum
p. 127: David & Joan Oates: Excavations at Tell Brak 1990-91
p. 147: Donald Matthews: Tell Brak 1990: The Glyptic
p. 159: G. Wilhelm: A Hurrian Letter from Tell Brak
p. 169: Excavations in Iraq, 1989-90a

IRAQ 52, 1990

iii: Editorial
v: Obituary: Lady Bonham Carter
p. 1: F.N.H. Al-Rawi: Tablets from the Sippar Library, I. The "Weidner Chronicle": A Supposititious Royal Letter concerning a Vision
p. 15: M.A. Littauer & J.H. Crouwel: Ceremonial Threshing in the Ancient Near East, I. Archaeological Evidence
p. 19: P. Steinkeller: II. Threshing Implements in Ancient Mesopotamia, Cuneiform sources
p. 25: R.J. Matthews: Excavations at Jemdet Nasr, 1989
p. 41: A.R. George: Inscriptions from Tell al-Hawa 1987-88
p. 47: Hannes D. Galter: Eine Inschrift des Gouverneurs Nergal-Eres in Yale
p. 49: T.J. Wilkinson: The Development of Settlement in the North Jazira between the 7th and 1st Millennia BC
p. 63: M. Louise Scott & John MacGinnis: Notes on Nineveh
p. 75: T.J. Wilkinson: Early Channels and Landscape Development around Abu Salabikh, a Preliminary Report
p. 85: Susan Pollock: Archaeological Investigations on the Uruk Mound, Abu Salabikh, Iraq
p. 95: J.N. Postgate: Excavations at Abu Salabikh, 1988-89
p. 107: Gay Robins: Proportions of Standing Figures in the North-West Palace of Assurnasirpal II at Nimrud
p. 121: Alastair Northedge, T.J. Wilkinson & Robin Falkner: Survey and Excavations at Samarra 1989
p. 149: F.N.H. Al-Rawi & A.R. George: Tablets from the Sippar Library, II. Tablet II of the Babylonian Creation Epic
p. 159: Wu Yuhong & Stephanie Dalley: The Origins of the Manana Dynasty at Kish and the Assyrian King List

IRAQ 51, 1989

vii: Editorial
p. 1: Warwick Ball, David Tucker & T.J. Wilkinson with an appendix by J.A. Black: The Tell al-Hawa Project: archaeological investigations in the North Jazira 1986-87
p. 67: Jesper Eidem: Some remarks on the Iltani Archive from Tell al Rimah
p. 79: Elise Auerbach: Emphasis and eloquence in the reliefs of Tiglath-pileser III
p. 85: Georgina Herrmann: The Nimrud Ivories, 1: the flame and frond school
p. 111: F.N.H. Al-Rawi & J.A. Black: The second tablet of "Isum and Erra"
p. 123: T.F. Potts: Foreign stone vessels of the Late Third Millennium BC from Southern Mesopotamia: their origins and mechanisms of exchange
p. 165: David Fleming: Eggshell ware pottery in Achaemenid Mesopotamia
p. 187: J.D.A.(P.) MacGinnis: Some inscribed horse troughs of Sennacherib
p. 193: David & Joan Oates: Akkadian buildings at Tell Brak
p. 213: S.G.E. Bowman & J.C. Ambers: Radiocarbon dates for Tell Brak, 1987
p. 217: Juliet Clutton-Brock: A dog and a donkey excavated at Tell Brak
p. 225: R.J. Matthews: Excavations at Jemdet Nasr, 1988
p. 249: Excavations in Iraq, 1987-88

IRAQ 50, 1988

iii: Editorial
v: Lady Mallowan, Professor D.J. Wiseman: an appreciation
p. 1: Lamia Al-Gailani Werr: Cylinder seals made of clay
p. 25: A.R. George: Three Middle Assyrian tablets in the British Museum
p. 39: P.R.S. Moorey, J.E. Curtis, D.R. Hook & M.J. Hughes: New analyses of Old Babylonian metalwork from Tell Sifr
p. 49: A.R Millard: The bevelled-rim bowls: their purpose and significance
p. 59: Dominique Collon: Some cylinder seals from Tell Mohammed Arab
p. 79: J.V. Kinnier Wilson: Lines 40-52 of the Banquet Stele of Assurnasirpal II
p. 83: Irving L. Finkel: Inscriptions from Tell Brak 1985
p. 87: N.J.J. Illingworth: Inscriptions from Tell Brak 1986
p. 109: Peter M.M.G. Akkermans: An updated chronology for the Northern Ubaid and Late Chalcolithic Periods in Syria: New Evidence from Tell Hammam Et-Turkman
p. 147: Wayne Horowitz: The Babylonian map of the world
p. 167: Anthony Green: A note on the "lion-demon"
p. 169: M.A. Littauer & J.H. Crouwel: A pair of horse bits of the Second Millennium B.C. from Iraq

IRAQ 49, 1987

iii: Editorial
p. 1: N.Ya. Merpert & R.M. Munchaev: The earliest levels at Yarim Tepe I and Yarim Tepe II in Northern Iraq
p. 37: B. Lawergren & O.R. Gurney: Sound holes and geometrical figures
p. 53: Wathiq I. Al-Salihi: Palmyrene sculptures found at Hatra
p. 63: A.R. Millard: The sign of the Flood
p. 71: Harriet Crawford: The Construction Inférieure at Tello. A reassessment
p. 77: Michelle I. Marcus: Geography as an organizing principle in the imperial art of Shalmaneser III
p. 91: R.J. Matthews & J.N. Postgate, with a contribution by E. J. Luby: Excavations at Abu Salabikh, 1985-86
p. 121: Susan Pollock: Abu Salabikh, the Uruk Mound 1985-86
p. 143: Alastair Northedge & Robin Falkner: The 1986 Survey Season at Samarra'
p. 175: David Oates: Excavations at Tell Brak 1985-86
p. 193: Joan Oates: A Note on 'Ubaid and Mitanni Pottery from Tell Brak
p. 199: Michael Roaf & Robert Killick: A mysterious affair of styles: the Ninevite 5 Pottery of Northern Mesopotamia
p. 231: Excavations in Iraq, 1985-86

IRAQ 48, 1986

iii: Editorial
p. 1: Fred M. Donner: Xenophon's Arabia
p. 15: L. Gorelick & A.A. Gwinnett: Further investigation of the method of manufacture of an Ancient Near Eastern cast glass vessel
p. 19: Carlo Zaccagnini: The Dilmun Standard and its relationship with Indus and Near Eastern weight systems
p. 25: Anthony Green: A note on the Assyrian "Goat-Fish", "Fish-Man" and "Fish-Woman"
p. 31: Angela Von Den Driesch: Fischknochen aus Abu Salahikh / Iraq
p. 39: Tamara Stech & Vincent C. Pigott: The metals trade in southwest Asia in the Third Millennium BC
p. 65: Eva Møller: Cylinder seals from the Horniman Museum, London
p. 73: Anthony Lowe: Bronze Age burial mounds on Bahrain
p. 85: Stephanie Dalley: The god Salmu and the winged disc
p. 103: D.L. Kennedy: Ana on the Euphrates in the Roman period
p. 105: J.E. Reade: Rassam's excavations at Borsippa and Kutha, 1879-82
p. 117: S.G. Koshurnikov & N. Yoffee: Old Babylonian tablets from Dilbat in the Ashmolean Museum
p. 131: Ian Caruana: Part of the third century Roman limes at Zairwan
p. 133: A.R. George: Sennacherib and the Tablet of Destinies

IRAQ 47, 1985

iii: Obituary: Lord Trevelyan
v: Editorial
p. 1: Farouk N.H. Al-Rawi: Nabopolassar's restoration work on Imgur-Enlil at Babylon
p. 15: Benjamin R. Foster: The Sargonic victory stele from Telloh
p. 31: Stephanie Dalley: Foreign chariotry and cavalry in the armies of Tiglath-Pileser III and Sargon II
p. 49: Christopher J. Davey: The Negub Tunnel
p. 57: H.F. Russell: The historical geography of the Euphrates and Habur according to the Middle- and Neo-Assyrian sources
p. 75: Anthony Green: A note on the "Scorpion-Man" and Pazuzu
p. 83: Jesper Eidem: News from the Eastern Front: the evidence from Tell Shemshara
p. 109: Alastair Northedge: Planning Samarra': a report for 1983-84
p. 129: Susan Pollock: Chronology of the Royal Cemetery of Ur
p. 159: David Oates: Excavations at Tell Brak, 1983-84
p. 175: Joan Oates: Tell Brak: Uruk pottery from the 1984 season
p. 187: Irving L. Finkel: Inscriptions from Tell Brak 1984
p. 203: J.E. Reade: Texts and sculptures from the North-West Palace, Nimrud
p. 215: Excavations in Iraq, 1983-84

IRAQ 46, 1984

i: Obituary: Professor Taha Baqir
ii: Editorial
p. 1: P.R.S. Moorey: Where did they bury the kings of the IIIrd Dynasty of Ur?
p. 19: Catherine Breniquet: Le Cimetière A de Kish. Essai d'interprétation
p. 29: Barry J. Beitzel: Isme-Dagan's Military actions in the Jezirah: a geographical study
p. 43: A.J. Sachs & C.B.F. Walker: Kepler's view of the star of Bethlehem and the Babylonian almanac for 7/6 BC
p. 57: Marvin A. Powell: On the absolute value of the Assyrian qa and emar
p. 63: Rosemary Ellison: The uses of pottery
p. 69: Anne Draffkorn Kilmer: A music tablet from Sippar(?): BM 65217 + 66616
p. 81: R. Le Crocker & A.D. Kilmer: The fragmentary music text from Nippur
p. 87: Jerrold S. Cooper: Studies in Mesopotamian lapidary inscriptions, III
p. 95: J.N. Postgate: Excavations at Abu Salabikh, 1983
p. 115: Nadav Na'aman: Statements of time-spans by Babylonian and Assyrian kings and Mesopotamian chronology
p. 125: R.G. Killick: Northern Akkad Project: excavations at Habl As-Sahr
p. 131: J.A. Black & S.M. Sherwin-White: A clay tablet with Greek letters in the Ashmolean Museum, and the "Graeco-Babyloniaca" texts
p. 141: Michael Roaf: Excavations at Tell Mohammed 'Arab in the Eski Mosul Dam Salvage Project

IRAQ 45, 1983

iv Foreword
v List of Participants
viii Programme of Sessions
p. 1: J. Makkay: The Origins of the " Temple Economy " as seen in the light of Prehistoric evidence
p. 7: Susanne Kolbus: Zur Chronologie des sog. Gamdat Nasr-Friedhofs in Ur
p. 18: Trevor Watkins: Cultural parallels in the metalwork of Sumer and North Mesopotamia in the Third Millennium B.C.
p. 24: Harriet P. Martin: Settlement patterns at Shuruppak
p. 32: H.E.W. Crawford: More fire installations from Abu Salabikh
p. 35: H.L.J. Vanstiphout: Problems in the " Matter of Aratta"
p. 43: Isaac M. Kikawada: The double creation of mankind in "Enki and Ninmah", "Atrahasis I, 1-351" and "Genesis 1-2"
p. 46: Philippe Talon: A propos du personnel agricole à Mari
p. 56: D. Charpin: Temples à découvrir en Syrie du Nord d'après des documents inédites de Mari
p. 64: Theresa Howard-Carter: An interpretation of the sculptural decoration of the Second Millennium Temple at Tell al-Rimah
p. 73: J.E. Curtis: Some axe-heads from Chagar Bazar and Nimrud
p. 82: W.O. Lambert: The god Assur
p. 87: Anthony Green: Neo-Assyrian apotropaic figures
p. 97: Julian Reade: Rassam's Jirjib sounding, 1882
p. 101: A.R. Millard: Assyrians and Arameans
p. 109: Jonas C. Greenfield & Aaron Shaffer: Notes on the Akkadian-Aramaic bilingual statue from Tell Fekherye
p. 117: O.J.P. McEwan: Late Babylonian Kish
p. 124: J.A. Peat: Hansu Land and the Rab Hansi
p. 128: A. Martirossian: Notes concerning the economic activities of the Babylonian Temple in the First Millennium BC
p. 131: G.C. Sarkisian: Von der Tempelsklaverei im hellenistischen Babylonien
p. 136: Laurie E. Pearce: Cuneiform number-syllabaries
p. 138: Peter Calmeyer: The Persian King in the lion's den
p. 140: Wathiq Al-Salihi: The shrine of Nebo at Hatra
p. 146: Rosemary Ellison: Some thoughts on the diet of Mesopotamia from c. 3000-600 BC
p. 151: Marcelle Duchesne-Guillemin: Pukku and Mekku
p. 157: J.M. Asher-Greve & W.B. Stern: A new analytical method and its application to cylinder seals
p. 163: Jan-Waalke Meyer: Einige Aspekte zur Bearbeitung unbeschrifteter Tonlebermodelle

IRAQ 44, 1982

i: Editorial
p. 1: Jonathan N. Tubb: A crescentic axehead from Amarna (Syria) and an examination of similar axeheads from the Near East
p. 13: P.R.S. Moorey: The archaeological evidence for metallurgy and related technologies in Mesopotamia, c. 5500-2100 BC
p. 39: Jane Moon: The distribution of upright-handled jars and stemmed dishes in the Early Dynastic Period
p. 70: C.B.F. Walker & S.N. Kramer: Cuneiform tablets in the collection of Lord Binning
p. 87: J.E. Curtis & A.K. Grayson: Some inscribed objects from Sherif Khan in the British Museum
p. 95: Dominique Collon: Some bucket handles
p. 103: J.N. Postgate & J.A. Moon: Excavations at Abu Salabikh, 1981
p. 137: Michael Roaf: Weights on the Dilmun Standard
p. 143: O.R. Gurney: A gate socket of Ur-Nammu
p. 145: Harriet P. Martin: The Early Dynastic cemetery at Al-'Ubaid, a re-evaluation
p. 187: David Oates: Excavations at Tell Brak
p. 205: Joan Oates: Some Late Early Dynastic III pottery from Tell Brak
p. 221: Seton Lloyd: A Bibliography

IRAQ 43, 1981

i: Editorial
p. 1: T.E. Davidson & Trevor Watkins: Two seasons of excavation at Tell Aqab in the Jezirah, N. E. Syria
p. 19: Elizabeth T. Stone: Texts, architecture and ethnographic analogy: patterns of residence in Old Babylonian Nippur
p. 35: Rosemary Ellison: Diet in Mesopotamia: the evidence of the barley ration texts (c.3000-1400 BC)
p. 47: Jane Moon: Some New Early Dynastic Pottery from Abu Salabikh
p. 76: Brian Lewis: A preliminary report on the relative effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning versus soaking in the conservation of clay tablets
p. 79: Aaron Shaffer: A new musical term in Ancient Mesopotamian music
i: Editorial
p. 85: Samuel M. Paley & Richard Sobolewski:A new reconstruction of Room Z in the North-West palace of Assurnasirpal II at Nimrud (Kalhu)
p. 101: Irene J. Winter: Is there a South Syrian style of ivory carving in the Early First Millennium BC?
p. 131: Gilbert J. P. McEwan: Arsacid temple records
p. 145: J.E. Reade: Fragments of Assyrian monuments
p. 157: Kate Fielden: A Late Uruk pottery group from Tell Brak, 1978
p. 167: Excavations in Iraq, 1979-1980

IRAQ 42, 1980

i: Editorial
p. 1: J.E. Reade: The Rassam Obelisk
p. 23: M.J. Geller: A Middle Assyrian Tablet of Utukku Lemnutu, Tablet 12
p. 53: Stephanie Dalley: Old Bablyonian dowries
p. 75: Mavis Bimson: Cosmetic Pigments from the "Royal Cemetery" at Ur
p. 79: H.W.F. Saggs: The Land of Kirruri
p. 85: C.B.F. Walker: Some Mesopotamian inscribed vessels
p. 87: J.N. Postgate: Excavations at Abu Salabikh, 1978-79
p. 105: Joan Crowfoot Payne: An Early Dynastic III flint industry from Abu Salabikh
p. 121: J.L. Huot, V. Pardo & A. Rougeulle: A propos de la perle L.76.5 de Larsa: les perles a quatre spirales
p. 131: Ismail Hijara and others Arpachiyah 1976
p. 155: T.E. Davidson & Hugh Mckerrell: The neutron activation analysis of Halaf and 'Ubaid pottery from Tell Arpachiyah and Tepe Gawra

IRAQ 41, 1979

i: Editorial
p. 1: W.G. Lambert: Near Eastern seals in the Gulbenkian Museum of Oriental Art, University of Durham
p. 47: O. Aytug Tasyürek: A rock relief of Shalmaneser III on the Euphrates
p. 55: F.M. Fales: A list of Assyrian and West Semitic women's names
p. 75: Yutaka Ikeda: Royal cities and fortified cities
i: Obituary: Professor Emeritus Sidney Smith
p. 89: J.N. Postgate: On some Assyrian ladies
p. 105: P.R.S. Moorey: Unpublished Early Dynastic sealings from Ur in the British Museum
p. 121: A.R. George: Cuneiform texts in the Birmingham City Museum
p. 141: Excavations in Iraq, 1977-1978

IRAQ 40, 1978

i: Obituary: Professor Fuad Safar
iii: Editorial
p. 1: J.J. Orchard: Some miniature painted glass plaques from Fort Shalmaneser, Nimrud (Part I)
p. 23: Robert H. Brill: Some miniature painted glass plaques from Fort Shalmaneser, Nimrud (Part II)
p. 41: P.R.S Moorey & O.R. Gurney: Ancient Near Eastern cylinder seals acquired by the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford: 1963-1973
p. 61: Benjamin R. Foster & Karen Polinger Foster: A lapidary's gift to Gestinanna
p. 67: C. Zaccagnini: A note on the talent of Alalah (AT 401)
p. 70: A.R. Millard: The Assyrian royal seal: an addendum
p. 71: J.N. Postgate: An inscribed jar from Tell Al Rimah
i: Obituary: Professor Sir Max Mallowan
p. 77: J.N. Postgate: Excavations at Abu Salabikh, 1977
p. 89: Juliet Clutton-Brock & Richard Burleigh: The animal remains from Abu Salabikh: preliminary report
p. 101: R.D. Biggs & J.N. Postgate: Inscriptions from Abu Salabikh, 1975
p. 119: John Matthers and others: Tell Rifa'at 1977: preliminary report of an archaeological survey

IRAQ 39, 1977

p. 1: W.F. Leemans: The importance of trade
p. 11: Gerd Steiner: Kaufmanns- und Handelssprachen im Alten Orient
p. 19: Aage Westenholz: Diplomatic and commercial aspects of temple offerings
p. 23: Marvin A. Powell: Sumerian merchants and the problem of profit
p. 31: Benjamin R. Foster: Commercial activity in Sargonic Mesopotamia
p. 45: Daniel C. Snell: The activities of some merchants of Umma
p. 51: H. Limet: Les schemas du commerce Néo-Sumerien
p. 59: S.N. Kramer: Commerce and trade: gleanings from Sumerian literature
p. 67: G. Komoróczy: Tilmun als "Speicher des Landes"
p. 71: H. Sauren: Der Handel zur Zeit Gudea's von Lagash
p. 73: J.D. Muhly: The copper ox-hide ingots and the Bronze Age metals trade
p. 83: K.R. Maxwell-Hyslop: Sources of Sumerian gold
p. 87: Peter Calmeyer: Das Grab eines Altassyrischen Kaufmanns
p. 99: Paul Garelli: Marchands et Tamkaru Assyriens en Cappadoce
p. 109: K.R. Veenhof: Some social effects of Old Assyrian trade
p. 119: Mogens Trolle Larsen: Partnerships in the Old Assyrian trade
p. 147: O. Rouault: L'approvisionnement et la circulation de la laine à Mari
p. 155: Stephanie Dalley: Old Babylonian trade in textiles at Tell al Rimah
p. 166: A. Finet: Le vin à Mari
p. 163: Horst Klengel: Nomaden und Handel
p. 171: C. Zaccagnini: The merchant at Nuzi
p. 191: Guy Kestemont: Remarques sur les aspects juridiques du commerce dans le Proche-Orient
p. 203: M. Heltzer: The metal trade of Ugarit
p. 213: E. Lipinski: An Ugaritic letter to Amenophis III
p. 219: Dominique Collon: Ivory
p. 223: W. Farber: Drogerien in Babylonien und Assyrien
p. 229: Maurits van Loon: The place of Urartu in First Millenium B.C. trade
p. 233: David Oates: The excavations at Tell Brak, 1976
p. 245: Kate Fielden: Tell Brak, 1976: the pottery
p. 257: Barbara Parker: Middle Assyrian seal impressions
p. 269: J.N. Postgate: Excavations at Abu Salabikh, 1976
p. 300: Excavations in Iraq, 1976

IRAQ 38, 1976

i: Obituary: Dame Agatha Christie Mallowan
p. 1: Irene J. Winter: Phoenician and North Syrian ivory carving in historical context
p. 23: J. Hansman: Gilgamesh, Humbaba and the land of the Erin-Trees
p. 37: Janusz Meuszynski: Neo-Assyrian reliefs from the central area of Nimrud citadel
p. 45: T.E. Davidson & Hugh McKerrell: Pottery analysis and Halaf period trade in the Khabur Headwaters region
p. 57: W.G. Lambert: An Old Babylonian letter and two amulets
p. 65: Excavations in Iraq, 1975
i: Obituary: Sir Michael Wright
p. 81: Max Mallowan: Gertrude Bell - the last years in Iraq
p. 85: W.G. Lambert: Tukulti-ninurta I and the Assyrian king list
p. 95: P.R.S. Moorey: The late prehistoric administrative building at Jamdat Nasr
p. 107: Stephanie Dalley: An Assyrian stela fragment
p. 113: Jeanny Vorys Canby: The Stelenreihen at Assur, Tell Halaf, and Massebot
p. 129: Rivkah Harris: On kinship and inheritance in Old Babylonian Sippar
p. 133: J.N. Postgate & P.R.S. Moorey: Excavations at Abu Salabikh
p. 171: W.G. Lambert: Berossus and Babylonian eschatology


IRAQ 37, 1975

p. 3: Diana Kirkbride: Umm Dabaghiyah: a fourth preliminary report
p. 11: H.W.F. Saggs: Historical texts and fragments of Sargon II of Assyria: 1. The "Assur Charter"
p. 21: Barbara Parker: Cylinder seals from Tell al Rimah
p. 39: Robert Drews: The Babylonian Chronicle and Berossus
p. 57: Excavations in Iraq 1973-74
p. 69: A.K. Grayson: Two fragmentary Assyrian royal inscriptions
p. 75: T.A. Holland: An inscribed weight from Tell Sweyhat, Syria
p. 77: Obituary: Lord Salter
p. 79: P.R.S. Moorey: The terracotta plaques from Kish and Hursagkalama, c. 1850 to 1650 BC
p. 101: Penelope N. Weadock: The Giparu at Ur
p. 129: J.E. Reade: Assurnasirpal I and the White Obelisk
p. 151: O. Aytug Tasyürek: Some inscribed Urartian bronze armour
p. 157: D.J. Wiseman: A Gilgamesh Epic fragment from Nimrud

IRAQ 36, 1974

p. 1: Proem
p. 5: R.D. Barnett: Charles Bellino and the beginnings of Assyriology
p. 29: Vaughn E. Crawford: Lagash
p. 37: R. Ghirshman: Un m�de sur les bas-reliefs de Nimrud
p. 39: O.R. Gurney: The fifth tablet of "The Topography of Babylon"
p. 53: R.W. Hamilton: Thuribles: ancient or modern?
p. 67: J.D. Hawkins: Assyrians and Hittites
p. 85: Diana Kirkbirde:Umm Dabaghiyah
p. 93: S.N. Kramer: CT XXXVI: corrigenda and addenda
p. 103: W.G. Lambert: The reigns of Assurnasirpal II and Shalmaneser III: an interpretation
p. 111: H.J. Lenzen: Die Architektur in Eanna in der Uruk IV Periode
p. 129: Seton Lloyd: Abu Shahrein: a memorandum
p. 139: K.R. Maxwell-Hyslop: Assyrian sources of iron
p. 155: Anton Moortgat & Ursula Moortgat-Correns: Archéologische Bemerkungen zu einem Schatzfund im Vorsargonischen Palast in Mari
p. 169: J.M. Munn-Rankin: Two reliefs of an Assyrian king with bowl
p. 173: David Oates: Balawat (Imgur Enlil): the site and its buildings
p. 179: Joan Oates: Late Assyrian temple furniture from Tell al Rimah
p. 185: Barbara Parker: A Middle Assyrian Seal Impression
p. 189: Andre Parrot: Un cylindre Agadéen trouvé à Mari
p. 193: Fuad Safar: Pird-i Kinachan
p. 199: H.W.F. Saggs: The Nimrud letters, 1952 - Part IX
p. 223: C.F.A. Schaeffer: Le cylindre A 357 de Chagar Bazar
p. 229: Henri Seyrig: Un couteau de sacrifice
p. 231: Edmond Sollberger: The White Obelisk
p. 239: David Stronach: Achaemenid Village I at Susa and the Persian migration to Fars
p. 249: D. J. Wiseman: Murder in Mesopotamia
p. 261: A bibliography of M.E.L. Mallowan (to 1974)

IRAQ 35, 1973

i: Obituary: A.L. Smith
p. 1: Diana Kirbride: Umm Dabaghiyah 1972: a second preliminary report
p. 9: Sandor Bökönyi: The fauna of Umm Dabaghiyah: a preliminary report
p. 13: J.N. Posgate: Assyrian texts and fragments
p. 37: Peder Mortensen: A sequence of Samarran flint and obsidian tools from Choga Mami
p. 57: A.R. Millard & H. Tadmor:Adad-nirari III in Syria
p. 65: Wathiq al-Salihi: Hercules-Nergal at Hatra (II)
p. 71: P.R.S. Moorey & O.R. Gurney: Ancient Near Eastern seals at Charterhouse
p. 83: Michael Roaf: The diffusion of the "Salles A Quatre Saillants"
p. 93: N.Y. Merpert & R.M. Munchaev: Early agricultural settlements in the Sinjar Plain, northern Iraq
p. 115: Miranda Bayliss: The cult of dead kin in Assyria and Babylonia
p. 127: Geoffrey Turner: South Arabian gold jewellery
p. 141: Hayim Tadmor: The historical inscriptions of Adad-nirari III
p. 151: Munir Y. Taha: The authenticity of a Sumerian statue
p. 155: J.E. Reade: Tell Taya (1972-73): summary report
p. 189: Excavations in Iraq 1972-73
p. 205: Diana Kirkbride: Umm Dabaghiyah 1973: a third preliminary report

IRAQ 34, 1972

Obituary: Sir John Troutbeck
p. 3: Diana Kirkbride: Umm Dabaghiyah 1971: a preliminary report
p. 17: Hans Helbaek: Traces of plants in the Early Ceramic site of Umm Dabaghiyah
p. 21: Simo Parpola: A letter from Samas-sumu-ukin to Esarhaddon
p. 35: Hans Helbaek: Samarran irrigation agriculture at Choga Mami
p. 49: Joan Oates: A radiocarbon date from Choga Mami
p. 55: J.M. Sasson: Some comments on archive keeping at Mari
p. 69: Peter Dorrell: A note on the geomorphology of the country near Umm Dabaghiyah
p. 73: Lamia al-Gailani: Some Sumerian statues in the Iraq Museum
p. 77: David Oates: The excavations at Tell al Rimah, 1971
p. 87: J.E. Reade: The Neo-Assyrian court and army: evidence from the sculptures
p. 113: McGuire Gibson: The archaeological uses of cuneiform documents
p. 125: Stephanie Dalley: Seals from the Hutchinson Collection
p. 131: A.R. Millard: Some Aramaic epigraphs
p. 139: Excavations in Iraq

IRAQ 33, 1971

p. 1: Briggs Buchanan: A snake goddess and her companions
p. 19: R.W. Hamilton: An unidentified sculpture from Iraq
p. 24: Mary Aiken Littauer: The figured evidence for a small pony in the Ancient Near East
p. 31: Jeanny Vorys Canby: Decorated garments in Ashurnasirpal's sculpture
p. 54: Geoffrey Neate: A fragment from Kish with the name of Assur-nadin-sumi
p. 57: O.R. Gurney: Thirty seasons at Ugarit (a review)
i: Obituary: Lady Richmond
p. 61: P.R.S. Moorey: The Loftus Hoard of Old Babylonian tools from Tell Sifr in Iraq
p. 87: J.E. Reade: Tell Taya (1968-9): summary report
p. 101: J.E. Curtis & K.R. Maxwell-Hyslop: The gold jewellery from Nimrud
p. 113: Wathiq al-Salihi: Hercules-Nergal at Hatra
p. 116: Hans Hirsch: Zum Siegel des Masi-ili
p. 119: P.M. Costa: The mosaic from Tell Khwaris in the Iraq Museum

IRAQ 32, 1970

iii: Obituary: Professor C. J. Gadd
p.1: David Oates: The Excavations at Tell Al Rimah, 1968
p.27: C. B. F. Walker: A Foundation-Inscription from Tell Al Rimah
p.31: J. N. Postgate: A Neo-Assyrian Tablet from Tell Al Rimah
p.36: P. R. S. Moorey: Pictorial Evidence for the History of Horse-Riding in Iraq before the Kassite Period
p.51: Jerrold S. Cooper: A Sumerian SU-IL-LA from Nimrud with a Prayer for SIN-SARISKUN
p.68: Geoffrey Turner: Tell Nebi Yunus: The Ekal Masarti of Nineveh
p.86: P. R. S. Moorey: Cemetery A at Kish: Grave Groups and Chronology
p.129: J. N. Postgate : More 'Assyrian Deeds and Documents'
p.165: K. R. Maxwell-Hyslop: An Illustration to a Mari Inventory
p.167: A. R. Millard: Fragments of Historical Texts from Nineveh: Middle Assyrian and Later Kings
p.177: Geoffrey Turner: The State Apartments of Late Assyrian Palaces
p.214: M. E. L. Mallowan & B. Parker: Review: Zur Datierung des Konigsfriedhofes von Ur (Hans Jorg Nissen)


IRAQ VOL XXXI, PART 1 Spring 1969

p.i: Proem
p.1: Georges Dossin: Sur un Signe Cuneiforme Rare
p.3: O.R. Gurney: A List of Copper Objects
p.8: J.V. Kinnier Wilson: Some Contributions to the Legend of Et
p.18: S. N. Kramer: Inanna and Sulgi: A Sumerian Fertility Song
p.24: J.-R. Kupper: Le Pays de Simaski
p.28: W.G. Lambert: A Middle Assyrian Medical Text
p.40: Seton Lloyd: Back to Ingharra
p.49: M.E.L. Mallowan and Hilda Linford: Rediscovered Skulls from Arpachiyah
p.59: J. Nougayrol: Note sur Barûtu, Chapitre X, Tablette 15
p.64: A. Parrot: Scènes de Guerre à Larsa
p.68: M.B. Rowton: The Abu Amurrim
p.74: Sidney Smith: Babylon Time Reckoning
p.82: Wolfram Von Soden: Zur Wiederherstellung der Marduk-Gebete BMS 11 und 12
p.90: E. Sollberger: Old-Babylonian Worshipper Figurines

IRAQ VOL. XXXI, PART 2 Autumn 1969

p.96: R.D. Barnett: New Facts about Musical Instruments from Ur
p.104: H.J. Lenzen: Eanna in Uruk Zur Zeit Sargons II
p.112: T.C. Mitchell: A South Arabian Tripod Offering Saucer Said to be Ur
p.115: Joan Oates: Choga Mami 1967-1968: A Preliminary Report
p.153: A. Leo Oppenheim: New Fragments of the Assyrian Dream-Book
p.166: H.W.F. Saggs: Neo-Babylonian Fragments from Harran
p.170: J.B. Segal: Miscellaneous Fragments in Aramic
p.175: D.J. Wiseman: A Lipsur Litany from Nimrud
p.184: A Bibliography of C.J. Gadd

IRAQ VOL. XXX, PART 1 Spring 1968

p.i: Editorial
p.1: Joan Oates: Prehistoric Investigations Near Mandali, Iraq
p.21: Georgina Herrmann: Lapis Lazuli: The Early Phases of its Trade
p.58: Joan Crowfoot Payne: Lapis Lazuli in Early Egypt
p.62: Geoffrey Turner: The Palace and Batiment aux Ivoires at Arslan tash: A Reappraisal
p.69: J.E. Reade: The Palace of Tiglath-Pileser III
p.74: Behnam Abu Al-Soof: Distribution of Uruk, Jamdat Nasr and Ninevite V Pottery as Revealed by Field Survey Work in Iraq
p.87: Stephanie Page: The Tablets from Tell-al-Rimah 1967: A Preliminary Report
p.98: A.R. Millard: Fragments of Historical Texts from Nineveh: Ashurbanipal

IRAQ VOL. XXX, PART 2 Autumn 1968

p.i: Editorial
p.115: David Oates: the Excavations at Tell Rimah, 1967
p.139: Stephanie Page: A Stela of Adad-Nirari III and Nergal-eres from Tell Al Rimah
p.154: H.W.F. Saggs: The Tell Al Rimah Tablets, 1965
p.175: D.J. Wiseman: The Tell Al Rimah Tablets, 1966
p.206: Marie-Thérèse Barrelet: Remarques sur une Decouverte faite a Tell al Rimah
p.215: David Wulston: The Tunings of the Babylonian Harp
p.229: O.R. Gurney: An Old Babylonian Treatise on the Tuning of the Harp
p.234: J.E. Reade: Tell Taya (1967): Summary Report

IRAQ VOL. XXIX, PART 2 Autumn 1967

p.i: Editorial
p.70: David Oates: The Excavations at Tell al Rimah, 1966
p.97: P.R.S. Moorey: Some Aspects of Incised Drawing and Mosaic in the Early Dynastic Period
p.117: Robert D. Biggs: More Babylonian “Prophecies”
p.133: Behnam Abu Al-Soof: The Relevance of the Diyala Sequence to South Mesopotamian Sites
p.143: Peter A. Clayton: The Coins from Tell Rifa’at

IRAQ VOL. XXVIX, PART 1 Spring 1967

p.i: Editorial
p.iii: Obituary: Sir Osborne Mance
p.1: J.M. Munn-Rankin: Luristan Bronzes in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
p.3: Barbara Parker: A Cappadocian Cylinder Seal
p.6: J.B. Segal: A Syriac Seal Inscription
p.16: M.V. Seton-Williams: The Excavations at Tell Rifa’at, 1964: Second Preliminary Report
p.34: R.W. Hamilton: A Sumerian Cylinder Seal with Handle in the Ashmolean Museum
p.42: J.E. Reade: Two Slabs from Sennacherib’s Palace
p.49: Ebbe E. Knudsen: Fragments of Historical Texts from Nimrud – II

IRAQ VOL. XXVIII, PART 1 Spring 1966

p.i: Editorial
p.1: R.W. Hamilton: A Silver Bowl in the Ashmolean Museum
p.28: P.R.S. Moorey: A Reconsideration of the Excavations on Tell Ingharra (Eat Kish), 1923-1933
p.52: R.L. Raikes: The Physical Evidence for Noah’s Flood
p.64: W.G. Lambert: Ancient Near Eastern Seals in Birmingham Collections
p.84: P. Hulin: Inscribed Fragments of a Statue from Nimrud
p.89: M.E.L. Mallowan: Tell Chuera in Nordost-Syrien


IRAQ VOL. XXVIII, PART 2 Autumn 1966

p.i: Editorial
p.96: M.E.L. Mallowan: An Alabaster Head from Timna’, South Arabia
p.105: C.J. Gadd: Some Contributions to the Gilgamesh Epic
p.122: David Oates: The Excavations at Tell Al Riah, 1965
p.140: Wolfram Von Soden: Die Igigu-Götter In Altbabylonischer Zeit
p.146: Joan Oates: The Baked Clay Figurines form Tell Es-Sawwan
p.154: D.J. Wiseman: Some Egyptians in Babylonia
p.159: C.J. Edmonds: Some Ancient Monuments on the Iraqi-Persian Boundary
p.164: K.R. Maxwell-Hyslop and H.W.M Hodges: Three Iron Swords from Luristan
p.177: H.W.F. Saggs: The Nimrud Letters, 1952 – Part VIII; Imperial Administration

IRAQ VOL. XXVII, PART 1 Spring 1965

p.i: Editorial
p.1: W.G. Lambert: Nebuchadnezzar King of Justice
p.12: A.R. Millard: The Assyrian Royal Seal Type Again
p.17: H.W.F. Saggs: The Nimrud Letters, 1952 – Part VII
p.33: P.R.S. Moorey: A Bronze “Pazuzu” Statuette from Egypt
p.42: J.V. Canby: Early Bronze “Trinket” Moulds

IRAQ VOL. XXVII, PART 2 Autumn 1965

p.i: Editorial
p.62: David Oates: The Excavations at Tell Al Rimah, 1964
p.81: Etienne De Vaumas: L’Ecoulement Des Eaux en Mesopotamie et la Provenance des Eaux de Tello
p.100: Marie-Thérèse Barrelet: Une “Constructoin Enigmatique” a Tello
p.119: J.E. Reade: Twelve Ashur-Nasir-Pal Reliefs
p.135: Joan Oates: Assyrian Chronology, 631-612 B.C.
p.160: E.E. Knudsen: Two Nimrud Incantations of the Utukku Type
p.171: British Museum – Notice

IRAQ VOL. XXVI, PART 1 Spring 1964

p.i: Editorial
p.1: J.E. Reade: More Drawings of Assurbanipal Sculptures
p.14: A.R. Millard: Another Babylonian Chronicle Text
p.36: W. Culican: Spiral-end Beads in Western Asia
p.44: J. Birmingham, N.F. Kennon and A.S. Malin: A “Luristan” Dagger: An Examination of Ancient Metallurgical Techniques
p.50: K.R. Maxwell-Hyslop and H.W.M. Hodges: A Note on the Significance of the Technique of ‘Casting on as Applied to a Group of Daggers from North-West Persia
p.54: C.A. Burney: The Excavations at Yanik Tepe, Azerbaijan, 1962: Third Preliminary Report

IRAQ VOL. XXVI, PART 2 Autumn 1964

p.i: Editorial
p.62: M.E.L. Mallowan: Noah’s Flood Reconsidered
p.83: P.R.S. Moorey: The “Plano-Convex Building” at Kish and Early Mesopotamian Palaces
p.99: A.R. Millard: Gilgamesh X: A New Fragment
p.106: J.M. Fiey: The Iraqi Section of the Abbassid Road Mosul-Nisibin
p.118: D.J. Wiseman: Fragments of Historical Texts from Nimrud
p.125: R. Borger: An Additional Remark on the Kurba’il Statue of Shalmaneser III

IRAQ VOL. XXV, PART 1 Spring 1963

p.i: Editorial
p.1: M.E.L. Mallowan: The ‘Mona Lisa’ of Nimrud
p.6: David Oates: The Excavations at Nimrud (Kalhu), 1962
p.38: J.E. Reade: A Glazed-Brick Panel from Nimrud
p.48: P. Hulin: The Inscriptions on the Carved Throne-Base of Shalmaneser III
p.70: H.W.F. Saggs: The Nimrud Letters, 1952 – Part VI
p.81: R.D. Barnett: Hamath and Nimrud
p.86: Barbara Parker: Economic Tablets from the Temple of Mamu at Balawat
p.104: Jeffrey Orchard: Recent Archaeological Activity in Iraq: A Review.

IRAQ VOL. XXV, PART 2 Autumn 1963

p.i: Editorial
p.iii: Obituary: Dr. Naji AL-Asil
p.110     : J. Nougayrol: Guerre et Paix a Ugarit
p.124: Albrecht Goetze: Warfare in Asia Minor
p.131: Wolfram Von Soden: Die Assyrer Und der Krieg
p.145: H.W.F. Saggs: Assyrian Warfare in the Sargonid Period
p.155: B. Hrouda: Der Assyrische Streitwagen
p.159: V. Korosec: The Warfare of the Hittites – from the Legal Point of View
p.167: F. Cornelius: Erin-Manda
p.171: Samuel Noah Kramer: Literary Texts from Ur, Part II
p.177: C.J. Gadd: Two Sketches from the Life at Ur
p.189: W.G. Lambert; J.R. Kupper; A. Finet; M. Lambert: Summaries of Papers

IRAQ VOL. XXIV, PART 1 Spring 1962

p.i: Editorial
p.1: D. Oates: The Excavations at Nimrud (Kalhu), 1961
p.26: Barbara Parker: Seals and Seal Impressions from the Nimrud Excavations, 1955-58
p.41: A.R. Millard: Alphabetic Inscriptions on Ivories from Nimrud
p.52: J.V. Kinnier Wilson: The Nimrud Catalogue of Medical and Physiognomical Omina
p.63: Edmond Sollberger: Graeco-Babyloniaca

IRAQ VOL. XXIV, PART 2 Autumn 1962

p.i: Editorial
p.73: Jeffery Orchard: Recent Restoration Work in Iraq
p.78: David Oates: Qasr Serij – A Sixth Century Basilica in Northern Iraq
p.90: J.V. Kinnier Wilson: The Kurba’il Statue of Shalmaneser III
p.116: P. Hulin: Another Esarhaddon Cylinder from Nimrud
p.119: W.G. Lambert: The Fifth Tablet of the Era Epic
p.126: K.R. Maxwell-Hyslop: Bronzes from Iran in the Collections of the Institute of Archaeology, University of London. (With a technical report on the Bronzes by H.W.M. Hodges)
p.134: C. A. Burney: Excavations at Yanik Tepe, Azerbaijan, 1961.

IRAQ VOL. XXIII, PART 1 Spring 1961

p.i: Editorial
p.1: M.E.L. Mallowan: The Excavations at Nimrud (Kalhu), 1960
p.15: Barbara Parker: Administrative Tablets from the North-west Palace, Nimrud
p.68: M.V. Seton Williams: Preliminary Report on the Excavations at Tell Rifa’at
p.88: René Labat: Tabous de Tesrit et Autres Prescriptions

IRAQ VOL. XXIII, PART 2 Autumn 1961

p.95: D. Stronach: The Excavations at Ras Al’Amiya
p.138: C. Burney: Excavations at Yanik Tepe, North-west Iran
p.154: M. Civil: The Home of the Fish
p.176: A. Millard: Esarhaddon Cylinder Fragments from Fort Shalmaneser, Nimrud

IRAQ VOL. XXII, Spring & Autumn 1960

Edited by M.E.L. Mallowan and D.J. Wiseman: Ur in Retrospect: In Memory of Sir Leonard Woolley.

IRAQ VOL. XXI, PART 1 Spring 1959

p.i: Editorial
p.1: R.D.Barnett: Further Russian Excavations in Armenia (1949-1953)
p.20: J.M. Munn-Rankin: Ancient Near Eastern Seals in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
p.38: J. LÆSSSØE: Building Inscriptions from Fort Shalmaneser, Nimrud
p.42: P. Hulin: A Hemerological Text from Nimrud
p.54: E.E. Knudsen: An Incantation tablet from Nimrud
p.62: Joan Du Plat Taylor: The Cypriot and Syrian Pottery from Al Mina, Syria

IRAQ VOL. XXI, PART 2 Autumn 1959

p.i: Editorial
p.93: M.E.L. Mallowan: The Excavations at Nimrud (Kalhu), 1958
p.98: D. Oates: Fort Shalmaneser – An Interim Report
p.130: J. Oates: Late Assyrian Pottery from Fort Shalmaneser (8th–7th century)
p.147: J. LÆSSSØE: A Statue of Shalmaneser III, from Nimrud
p.158: H.W.F. Saggs: The Nimrud Letters – 1952, Part V. Administration
p.181: D. Stronach: The Development of Fibula in the Near East
p.207: David and Joan Oates: Ain Sinu: A Roman Frontier Post in Northern Iraq

IRAQ VOL. XX, PART 1 Spring 1958

p.1: D.J. Wiseman: The Vassal-Treaties of Esarhaddon
Appended: Index to Volume XIX

IRAQ VOL. XX, PART 2 Autumn 1958

p.i: Editorial
p.101: M.E.L. Mallowan: The Excavations at Nimrud (Kalhu), 1957
p.109: David Oates: The Assyrian Building South of the Nabu Temple
p.114: David and Joan Oates: Nimrud 1957: The Hellenistic Settlement
p.158: G.K. Jenkins: Hellenistic Coins from Nimrud
p.169: David Stronach: Metal Objects from the 1957 Excavations at Nimrud
p.182: H.W.F. Saggs: The Nimrud Letters, 1952 – Part IV: The Urartian Frontier

IRAQ VOL. XIX, PART 1 Spring 1957

p.i: Editorial
p.1: M.E.L. Mallowan: The Excavations at Nimrud (Kalhu), 1956
p.26: David Oates: Ezida: The Temple of Nabu
p.40: J.V. Kinnier Wilson: Two Medical Texts from Nimrud (continued)
p.50: E.E. Knudsen: A Version of the Seventh Tablet of Shurpu from Nimrud
p.55: R.D. Barnett: Persepolis
Appended: Index to Volume XVIII

IRAQ VOL. XIX, PART 2 Autumn 1957

p.i: Editorial
p.v: Louis Le Breton
p.79: L. Le Breton: The Early Period at Susa, Mesopotamian Relations
p.125: B. Parker: The Nimrud Tablets, 1956 – Economic and Legal Texts from the Nabu Temple at Nimrud
p.139: J.B. Segal: An Aramaic Ostracon from Nimrud
p.146: H. Lenzen: The Ningiszida Temple Built by Marduk-Apala-Iddina II at Uruk
p.151: A.S. Diamond: An Eye for an Eye

IRAQ VOL. XVIII, PART 1 Spring 1956

p.1: M.E.L. Mallowan: The Excavations at Nimrud (Kalhu), 1955
p.22: D. Oates and J.H. Reid: The Burnt Palace and the Nabu Temple; Nimrud, 1955
p.40: H.W.F. Saggs: The Nimrud Letters, 1952 – Part III Miscellaneous Letters
p.57: Ruth B.K. Amiran: A Seal from Brak: Expression of Consecutive Movements in Late Minoan Glyptic
p.60: J. LÆSSSØE: A Prayer to Ea, Shamash, and Marduk, from Hama
p.68: J.M. Munn-Rankin: Diplomacy in Western Asia in the Early Second Millennium B.C.

IRAQ VOL. XVIII, PART 2 Autumn 1956

p.i: Obituary: Sir Edgar Bonham-Carter
p.iii: Editorial
p.111: R.D.Barnett: The Treasure of Ziwiye
p.117: D.J. Wiseman: A Fragmentary Inscription of Tiglath-Pileser III from Nimrud
p.130: J.V. Kinnier Wilson: Two Medical Texts form Nimrud
p.147: Sir Harry Garner: An Early Piece of Glass from Eridu
p.150: K.R. Maxwell-Hyslop: Urartian Bronzes in Etruscan Tombs

IRAQ VOL. XVII, PART 1 Spring 1955

Frontispiece: Obituary: Sir Edward Keeling
p.3: D.J. Wiseman: Assyrian Writing-Boards
p.14: Margaret Howard: Technical Description of the Ivory Writing-Boards
p.21: H.W.F. Saggs: The Nimrud Letters, 1952-I The Ukin-zer Rebellion and Related Texts
p.57: W.E.S. Turner: Glass Fragments from Nimrud of the Eighth to the Sixth Century B.C.
p.69: A.L. Oppenheim: “Siege-documents” from Nippur
p.90: T.W. Thacker and R.P. Wright: A New Interpretation of the Phoenician Graffito from Holt, Denbighshire

IRAQ VOL. XVII, PART 2 Autumn 1955

p.93: Barbara Parkers: Excavations at Nimrud, 1949-53; Seals and Seal Impressions
p.126: H.W.F. Saggs: The Nimrud Letters, 1952-Part II
p.161  K.R. Maxwell-Hyslop: Note on a Shaft-hole Axe-pick from Khurab, Makran.
p.162: F.E. Zeuner: The Identity of the Camel on the Khurab Pick
p.164: E. Douglas Van Buren: New Evidence Concerning an Eye-Divinity
p.176: Index to Volume XVII

IRAQ VOL. XVI, PART 1 Spring 1954

Frontispiece: Obituary: Sir Robert Brooke-Popham
p.3: R.D. Barnett: The Excavations of the British Museum at Toprak Kale, near Van-Addenda
p.23: A.M. Honeyman: The Hombrechtikon Plaque
p.29: B. Parker: The Nimrud Tablets, 1952 – Business Documents
p.59: M.E.L. Mallowan: The Excavations at Nimrud (Kalhu), 1953

IRAQ VOL. XVI, PART 2 Autumn 1954

p.115: M.E.L. Mallowan: The Excavations at Nimrud (Kalhu), 1953 (continued)
p.164: John Lines: Late Assyrian Pottery form Nimrud
p.168: P.S. Rawson: Palace Wares form Nimrud – Technical Observations on Selected Examples
p.173: C.J. Gadd: Inscribed Prisms of Sargon II from Nimrud
p.202: A.J. Sachs and D.J. Wiseman: A Babylonian King List of the Hellenistic Period
p.212: Index to Volume XVI

IRAQ VOL. XV, PART 1 Spring 1953

p.1: M.E.L. Mallowan: The Excavations at Nimrud (Kalhu), 1952
p.43: R.W. Hamilton: Carved Plaster in Umayyad Architecture
p.57: M.V. Seton Williams: A Painted Pottery of the Second Millennium from Southern Turkey and Northern Syria
p.69: R. Maxwell-Hyslop: Bronze Lugged Axe- or Adze- blades from Asia
p.88: H.H. Figulla: Accounts Concerning Allocation of Provisions from Offerings in the Ningal-Temple at Ur
Appended: Index to Volume XIV

IRAQ VOL. XV, PART 2 Autumn 1953

p.123: C.J. Gadd: Inscribed Barrel Cylinder of Marduk-Apla-Iddina II
p.135: D.J. Wiseman: The Nimrud Tablets, 1953
p.161: O.Tufnell: The Shihan Warrier
p.167: A.J. Sachs: The Late Assyrian Royal-Seal Type
p.171: H.H. Figulla: Accounts Concerning Allocations of Provisions for Offerings in the Ningal-Temple at Ur (continued)
p.193: Index to Volume XV

IRAQ VOL. XIV, PART 1 Spring 1952

p.1: M.E.L. Mallowan: The Excavations at Nimrud (Kalhu), 1951

p.24: D.J. Wiseman: A New Stela of Assur-Nasir-Pal II

p.45: M.E.L. Mallowan: The Excavations at Nimrud (Kalhu), 1949-1950. Ivories from the N.W. Palace

p.54: D.J. Wiseman: An Esarhaddon Cylinder From Nimrud

p.61: D.J. Wiseman: The Nimrud Tablets

Appended: Index to Volume XIII

IRAQ VOL. XIV, PART 2 Autumn 1952

p.73: André Parrot: Statuaire Mésopotamienne du Dynastique Archaique
p.76: E. Douglas Van Buren: Place of Sacrifice (‘Opferstätten’)
p.93: D.M.Dunlop: Al-Farabi’s Aphorisms of the Statesman
p.118: R. Maxwell-Hyslop, F.S.A: A Note on Two Western Asiatic Bronze Axe-Heads
p.120: H. Frankford: The Origin of the Bît Hilani
p.132: R.D. Barnett and W. Watson: Russian Excavations in Armenia

IRAQ VOL. XIII, PART 1 Spring 1951

p.1: M.E.L. Mallowan: The Excavations at Nimrud (Kalhu), 1949-1950. Ivories from the Palace

p.21: D.J. Wiseman: Two Historical Inscriptions from Nimrud

p.27: C.J. Gadd: En-an-e-du

p.39: D.H. Gordon: The Chronology of the Third Cultural Period at Tepe Hissar

Appended: Index to Volume XII

IRAQ VOL. XIII, PART 2 Autumn 1951

p.63: Beatrice de Cardi: A New Prehistoric Ware form Baluchistan

p.76: D.M.Dunlop: The Existence and Definition of Philosophy

p.95: H.H. Figulla: Lawsuit concerning Sacrilegious Theft at Erech

p.102: D.J. Wiseman and J.V. Kinnier Wilson: The Nimrud Tablets

IRAQ VOL. XII, PART 1 Spring 1950

p.1: R.D. Barnett: The Excavations of the British Museum at Toprak Kale Near Van

p.44: E.S.G. Robinson: A “Silversmith’s Hoard” from Mesopotamia

p.52: K.R.Maxwell-Hyslop: Note on a Luristan Axe in the Otago Museum, New Zealand

Appended: Index to Volume XI

IRAQ VOL. XII, PART 2 Autumn 1950

p.53: J.du Plat Taylor, M.V. Seton Williams and J. Waechter: The Excavations at Sakce Gözü

p.139: E. Douglas Van Buren: Amulets, Symbols or Idols?

p.147: M.E.L. Mallowan: The Excavations at Nimrud (Kalhu), 1949-1950

p.184: D.J. Wiseman: The Nimrud Tablets, 1949

IRAQ VOL XI, Part 1 Spring 1949

p.1: Barbara Parker: Cylinder  Seals from Palestine

p.44: Ahmet Donmez and W.C. Brice: The Distribution of Some Varieties of Early Pottery in south-east Turkey

p.59: E. Douglas Van Buren: The Cylinder Seals from Brak

p.77: M.V. Seton Williams: Palestinian Temples

p.90: Rachel Maxwell-Hyslop: Western Asiatic Shaft-Hole Axes

p.131: Oliver Gurney: Texts form Dur-Kurigalzu

IRAQ VOL. XI, PART 2 Autumn 1949

p.151: D.B. Harden: Tomb-groups of Glass of Roman Date form Syria and Palestine

p160: D. Mackay: The Jewellery of Palmyra and its Significance

p:188: Winifred Lamb: New Developments in Early Anatolian Archaeology

IRAQ VOL. X, PART 1 Spring 1948

p.1: H.R.P and V.P. Dickson: Thaj and other Sites

p.9: J.P.G. Finch: The Winged Bulls at the Nergal Gate of Nineveh

p.19: C.J. Gadd: Two Assyrian Observations

p.26: H. Moore: Reproductions of an Ancient Babylonian Glaze

p.34: M.V. Seton Williams: Neolithic Burnished Wares in the near East.

p.51: M.E.L. Mallowan: A Copper Rain-ring from Southern Iraq

p.56: R.D. Barnett, J. Leveen and C.J. Moss: A Phoenician Inscription from Eastern Cilicia

IRAQ VOL. X, PART 2 Autumn 1948

p.73: Seton Lloyd: Jausaq Al-Khaqani at Samarra: A New Reconstruction

p.81: F.R. Kraus: Ein Altakkadisches Festungsbild

p.93: C.J. Gadd: A Fan of Ba-ba

p.101: E. Douglas Van Buren: Fish Offerings in Ancient Mesopotamia

p.122: R.D. Barnett: Hittite Hieroglyphic Texts at Aleppo

p.141: Index to Volume X

(appended): Index to Volume IX

IRAQ VOL. IX, PART 1 Spring 1947

M.E.L. Mallowan: Excavations at Brak and Chagar Bazar

p.1: Introduction

p.10: Part I: Brak and Chagar Bazar: Their Contribution to Archaeology

Part II: Buildings and Stratification

p.48: Section 1 - Brak

p.81: Section 2 – Chagar Bazar

IRAQ VOL. IX, PART 2 Autumn 1947

M.E.L. Mallowan: Excavations at Brak and Chagar Bazar

p.90: Part III: Catalogue

p.259: Notice: Concerning Index


p.1: Rachel Maxwell-Hyslop: Daggars and Swords in Western Asia

p.66: C.J. Gadd: Babylonian Chess?

p.73: Taha Baqir, M.A.: Iraq Government Excavations at ‘Aqar Quf: Third Interim Report, 1944-45

p.94: M.B. Rowton: Mesopotamian Chronology and the ‘Era of Menophres

p.111: M.E.L. Mallowan, M.A., F.S.A, with drawings by J. Cruikshank Rose, A.R.I.B.A.: Excavations in the Balih Valley


Taha Baqir, M.A.: Iraq Government Excavations at ‘Aqar Quf Second Interim Report 1943-1944

IRAQ VOL. VII, PART 1 Spring 1940

p.1: D.H. and M.E. Gordon: Mohenjo-Daro; Some Observations on Indian Prehistory

p.13: Seton Lloyd: Iraq Government Soundings at Sinjar

p.22: C.J. Gadd: Tablets form Chagar Bazar and Tall Brak, 1937-38

p.67: Alfred Guillaume: The Phoenician Graffito in the Holt Collection of the National Museum of Wales

p.69: P.Dikaios: New Light on Prehistoric Cyprus

IRAQ VOL. VII, PART 2 Autumn 1940

p.85: R. Campbell Thompson: A Selection from the Cuneiform Historical Texts from Nineveh (1927-32)

p.132: G.R. Driver and Sir John C. Miles: Ordeal by Oath at Nuzi

p.140: Index to Vol. VII


IRAQ VOL. VI, PART 1 Spring 1939

p.1: R.D. Barnett: A Cylinder Seal from Syria

p.3: Cyrus H. Gordon Western Asiatic Seals in the Walters Art Gallery

p.35: Lieut.-Colonel D.H. Gordon: Heads from Memphis

p.39: Stanley Casson: The Cypriot Script of the Bronze Age

p.45: N.L. Corkill: Snake Specialists in Iraq

p.53: René Dussaud: Rapports entre la Crète Ancienne et la Babylonie

p.66: G.R. Driver and Sir John C. Miles: The Sal-Zikrum ‘Woman-Man’ in Old Babylonian Texts

p.71: John. L Myres: Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Asia Minor

p.91: D.B. Hardin: A Note on Roman Window-panes from Jerash

p.92: Editorial Notes – The Griffith Institute

p.92: Letter to the Editor

IRAQ VOL. VI, PART 2 Autumn 1939

p.93: J.G. Milne: Syriac Substitute Currencies

p.100: R.D. Barnett: Note

p.101: L.A. Mayer: A Glass Bottle of the Atabak Zagi

p.104: A.M. Honkeyman: The Phoenician Inscriptions of the Cyprus Museum

p.109: Theodor H. Caster: Ba’al is Risen… An Ancient Hebrew Passion-Play from Ras Shamra-Ugarit

p.144: P.E. Van Der Meer: Tablets of the Har-Ra-Hubullu Series in the Ashmolean Museum

p.180: R. Campbell ThompsonKurangu and Lal(l)angu as possibly ‘rice’ and ‘indigo’ in Cuneiform

p.184: T. Fish: Miscellanea

p.187: Index


IRAQ VOL. V, PART 1 Spring 1938

p.1: P. Delougaz: A Short Investigation of the Temple at Al-‘Ubaid

p.12: J.G. Milne: The Coinage of Aradus in the Hellenistic Period

p.23: R. Campbell Thompson: The Assyrian Kisal as the Origin of the Carat-Weight

p.31: E.S. Drower: A Mandaean Phylactery

p.55: P.E.V.D. Meer: A Topography of Babylon

p.65: A.S. Hemmy: The Weight-Standards of Ancient Greece and Persia

p.81: The Result of the Essay Prize (cf. IRAQ, 1937, P.90)

P.82: B.R. Townsend: An Assyrian Dental Diagnosis

IRAQ VOL. V, PART 2 Autumn 1938

p.85: Colonel D.H. Gordon: The Age of Frontier Terra-cottas

p.89: George C. Miles: The Coinage of the Kakwayhid Dynasty

p.105: E.S. Drower: Women and Taboo in Iraq

p.118: C.J. Gadd: A Visiting Artist at Nineveh in 1850

p.123: Seton Lloyd: Some Ancient Sites in the Sinjar District

p.143: Gerald Reitlinger: Medieval Antiquities West of Mosul

p.157: T. Fish: The Sumerian City Nippur in the Period of the Third Dynasty of Ur

p.180: Index

iv: Publications Received

IRAQ VOL. IV, PART 1 Spring 1937

p.1: Simone Corbiau: New finds in the Indus Valley

p.11: E. Douglas Van Buren: A Gaming-Board from Tall Halaf

p.16: G.R. Driver: A Babylonian Tablet with an Aramaic Endorsement

p.19: M. Rostovtzeff: The Squatting Gods in Babylonia and at Dura

p.21: T.H. Caster: The Battle of the Rain and the Sea: An Ancient Semitic Nature-Myth

p.33: C.J. Gadd: The Infancy of Man in a Sumerian Legend

p.35: R. Campbell Thompson: (i) An Assyrian Parallel to an Incident in the Story of Semiramis; (ii) Fragments of Stone Reliefs and Inscriptions found at Nineveh

p.47: Eric John Holmyard: Aidamir Al-Jildaki

p.54: J.G. Milne: The Origin of Certain copies of Athenian Tetradrachms

p.55: D.B. Hardin: The Pottery from the Precinct of Tanit at Salammbo Carthage

p.91: Editorial Note.

IRAQ VOL. IV, PART 2 Autumn 1937

p.91: M.E.L. Mallowan: The Excavations at Tall Chagar Bazar and an Archaeological Survey of the Habur Region, second campaign, 1936.

p.178: C.J. Gadd: Tablets from Chagar Bazar, 1936

p.186: R. Campbell Thompson: A New Record of An Assyrian Earthquake

p.190: Publications Received

p.191: Index

IRAQ VOL. III, PART 1 Spring 1936

p.1: M.E.L. Mallowan: The Excavations at Tall Chagar Bazar, and an Archaeological Survey of the Habur Region, 1934-5.

p.87: C.J. Gadd and R. Campbell Thompson: A Middle-Babylonian Chemical Text

p.97: Simone Corbiau: I. Sumerian Dress Lengths as Chronological data, II. An Indo-Sumerian Cylinder

p.104: M.E.L. Mallowan: The Bronze Head of the Akkadian Period from Nineveh

IRAQ VOL. III, PART 2 Autumn 1936

p.111: Sir Aurel Stein, K.C.I.E, FBA: An Archaeological Tour in the Ancient Persis


IRAQ VOL. II, PART 1 Spring 1935

p.1: M.E.L. Mallowan and J. Cruikshank Rose: Excavations at Tall Arpachiyah, 1933

IRAQ VOL. II, PART 2 Autumn 1935

p.179: R.D. Barnett: The Nimrud Ivories and the Art of the Phoenicians

p.211: R.W. Hutchinson: Uruk and Yorton

p.223: G.E. Kirk: Gymnasium or Khan? A Hellenistic Building at Babylon

p.233: Index to Volume


IRAQ VOL. I, PART 1 Spring 1934

p.1: Gertrude L. Bell: Archaeology and Architecture

p.2: H. Frankfort: Gods and Myths on Sargonid Seals

p.30: D.B. Harden: A Typological Examination of Sumerian Pottery-fabrics from Jamdat Nasr and Kish.

p.45: C.J. Gadd: An Egyptian Game in Assyria

p.51: von. W. Andrae and J. Jordan: Abbu Habbah-Sippar

p.60: E. Douglas Van Buren: The God Ningizzida

p.90: da Giuseppe Furlani: Sarcofaghi Partici di Kakzu

p.95: R. Campbell Thompson: The Buildings on Quyunjiq, the Larger Mound of Nineveh

p.105: K.A.C. Creswell: The Great Mosque of Al-Mansur at Baghdad

IRAQ VOL. I, PART 2 Autumn 1934

Excavations at Kish and Barghuthiat 1933.

p.113: S. Langdon: I Sassanian and Parthian Remains in Central Mesopotamia

p.124: D.B. Harden: II Pottery

p.137: H. Frankfort: A Tammuz Ritual in Kurdistan (?)

p.146: C. Leonard Woolley: The Prehistoric Pottery of Carchemish

p.163: R.W. Hutchinson: Two Mesopotamian Daggers and their Relatives

p171: E.S. Drower: Mandaean Writings

p.183: C.J. Edmonds: A Tomb in Kurdistan